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Jetting is a useful tool for applying chemicals to protect sheep during periods of high flystrike risk. It can be done by hand jetting or by using an automatic jetting race.

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The table below summarises the advantages and disadvantages of hand jetting and automatic jetting races.

Hand jetting
  • With good technique, hand jetting is the most thorough long wool flystrike treatment

  • Flystrike protection provided by jetting products is likely to be greater when applied by hand jetting
  • Slow, hard work

  • Thoroughness of the method declines as the operator tires

  • Can leave high residues in the fleece

  • Requires operator to wear good quality, comfortable personal protective equipment

  • Requires access to water, concrete-floored race and good jetting equipment including pump

  • Jetting handpieces vary in their efficiencies

  • Operator must dilute concentrate with water

  • There is a need to dispose of spent/unused jetting fluid
Automatic jetting race
  • Faster than hand jetting

  • Less work for the operator than hand jetting

  • Removes the need for the operator to stand in the race with the sheep

  • If set up and operated efficiently it can allow the operator to stand back from the machine thereby reducing exposure to insecticides
  • Automatic jetting races vary in their efficiencies

  • Requires access to a properly functioning automatic jetting race and adequate pump

  • Automatic jetting races need to be set up and adjusted to the size of the sheep

  • Requires access to water

  • Can leave higher residues in the fleece than hand jetting

  • Operator must dilute insecticide concentrate with water

  • Results in operator exposure to spray when moving stalled sheep

  • There is a need to dispose of spent/unused jetting fluid
Sickle wand. Source: Garry Levot, NSW DPI.
Dutjet wand. Source: Garry Levot, NSW DPI.
Hand-jetting using a Dutjet wand. Source: Peter James, DEEDI.

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